Petite body bridesmaid dress | How to choose?

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The bridesmaids are the perfect companion for the bride who bring all sorts of fun and excitement in the wedding function. You are likely to have at least one petite girl, for whom you might have a difficult time in choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress. In this post, we will elaborate on 5 factors to consider before buying the petite bridesmaid dress. Stay tuned!

  1. Height and Body type: - The height and the body type are the core factors to consider for buying the bridesmaid dress for your petite friend. Height is usually not a difficult factor to contemplate but finding the dress which matches the shoulder width, waistline and the hip of your petite friend is difficult to find.

    It is also important to have a uniform and consistent appearance of all your bridesmaid. At Promfast, we offer a variety of bridesmaid dresses for all shapes and heights.
  2. Bust Size: - It is worthy to note that almost of the wedding and bridesmaid dresses rarely are true to their stated size. They are meticulously proportionate, but designers sometimes uses different scale for measurement.

    Therefore, If your petite girlfriend has smaller busts, then you can go for the Halter necklines, as they notch-up the look of the arms and shoulders. For large bust size women, it is important to have dresses in which the cups are sewn directly into the top.

  3. Feminine or fashionable? – If you ask for our opinion, we are a big fan of feminine look, especially for the bridesmaids. Spaghetti-strap dresses are one of the most feminine looking bridesmaid dresses.
  4. Colors: - We highly recommend that you allow your bridesmaid to have a variation in color, depending on wedding theme and on their likings. There is no one color which suits everyone. Different color looks different on different skin color. Usually white colors are the preferred for the bridesmaids.
  5. Weather: - The right fabric depends on the weather. And this is why spring weddings and beach weddings require different fabrics for the bridesmaids.

Starting early, but not too early!

6 months before the wedding is the right time to start shopping for the bridesmaid’s dresses. Tailoring, modifying and ordering online can take at least a month, therefore, avoid shopping around at the very last moment. However, you also do not want to shop too early, as the dresses might not look appealing to you at the time of the wedding. When the wedding arrives, you may find something more trendy and you will regret ordering the dress months ago.

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